• 08:30

    Registration starts

  • 09:30

    Introduction - Alexander van Riesen

    An introduction to the concept of B2B Online. Alexander will explain the objectives for the day and help you get the most out of the event.
  • 09:45

    From selling to serving: inspiration from B2B and B2C - Cate Trotter

    How changes in the world affects your business model. Rapid changes around you affects how to survive. Companies are not anymore just B2B or B2C. There is a shift where brands become media companies, B2B goes B2C and B2C goes B2B. Rapid changes in technology also puts how to create customer experience up and down. Cate will inspire you in how you can learn from different companies and how you need to take control over your company’s development.
  • 10:20

    Amer Mohammed (Stena Line)

    Innovation as a way of adapting to a new reality. Innovation Lab – POC, if it works then rollout in operations. AI is an example how they use new technology to increase efficiency and to take better decisions.
  • 10:40

    Panel and Roundtable - Alexander Amer, Cate

    How is digital innovation driven? C-Level commitment? Processes? How is changes in environment handled?
  • 11:00

    Coffee & Network

  • 11:20

    Fredrik Strandberg (Stenströms)

    How do you help your distributors to adapt to digitalization? Fredrik Strandberg explains the difficulties in making their whole value chain work as a unit. Learn what it takes for a manufacturer to drive change for an entire industry.
  • 11:40

    Margareta Boström

    What is a B2B company’s responsibility for the loyalty of the end customer? What does a B2B company benefit from focusing on the end customer? Why should the B2B company "sell" to the end customer and think about the loyalty of the end customer? Who will the end customer be loyal to - the B2B company brand or the selling company? Challenges in loyalty work as B2B companies - who owns the customer and who will influence?
  • 12:00

    Round table discussion

    How to create loyalty in B2B, how is changes in customer behaviour and customer journey affecting how to build relationships with customers? What will happen when millennials enter the buyer roles in the companies?
  • 12:30


  • 13:30

    Marianne Bjarstad

    Marianne Bjarstad talks about innovation culture and about using the entire brain. We are moving fast, but focus is crucial for innovation. Without thought and the right composition of the group, innovation work is often only copying of other people's innovations, and in truth, it is not innovative. The reflection provides new insights and answers to questions that you otherwise easy to miss.
  • 14:00

    Nina Wahlgren Gill (Menigo)

    Digitalizing the food industry is not easy but Nina Wahlgren raised to the challenge. Listen and learn from Menigo’s story, what they have done and what they plan to do in order to become digital leaders in the food industry.
  • 14:20

    Sofia Hjorth & Alexandra Dornérus

    Product information is key to all marketing. But to become great at content you first need to set up your organization, processes and workflows. Alexandra and Sofia will share expertize on how you can go from good to great
  • 14:50

    Round table Discussion

    Digital transformation - Mastering processes, workflows and automation is key to becoming a digital leader. We will discuss best practice and try to learn more from each other.
  • 15:10

    Coffee & Network

  • 15:20

    Intro - The wolf is coming

    Adapt or become obsolete. How will global B2B marketplaces affect your industry?
  • 15:30

    Keynote - Bryan Eisenberg

    Be like Amazon. We all know about the success of Amazon, but what are the big drivers behind their success? Learn about their four pillars of success 1. customer centricity 2. a culture of innovation 3. corporate agility 4. continuous optimization.
  • 16:15

    Panel Discussion

    Bryan Eisenberg & Cate Trotter
  • 16:30

    Alexander van Riesen

    Wrap up

Previous years speakers

Gather new insights about eCommerce trends, strategies and tactics for manufacturing, distribution and wholesale. Our expert speakers and key-notes aim to enlighten you and fill you with inspiration, exceling your company’s success.

Bryan Eisenberg

Keynote Speaker, & NY Times Best Selling Author

Eisenberg Holdings

Bryan Eisenberg is an internationally recognized authority and pioneer in online marketing, improving conversion rates, persuasive content and persona marketing, and helping organizations improve their customer experiences. Bryan was been recognized by eConsultancy members as one of the top 10 User Experience Gurus, by LinkedIn as a Retail Influencer and he is also an IBM Futurist, he was selected as one of the inaugural iMedia Top 25 Marketers, and a Marketing Edge Rising Star Award winner.

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Alexander van Riesen

Lecturer and commerce advisor


Alexander van Riesen is a digital early adopter, who over the last two decades has been at the forefront of the digital transformation. He has worked with large global companies and fast-moving startups, both as founder, CEO, in various management positions and on consultancy assignments.

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Cate Trotter

Head of Trends

Insider Trends

Cate is a confident, visionary and engaging speaker on the options and trends at the cutting edge of Social Media. She has a ready grasp of the challenges experienced by a wide range of businesses. She quickly translates what can be a daunting and technical range of topics and issues into easy to understand strategies.

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Nina Wahlgren Gill

Marketing & Communication Director


Nina have worked for over 20 years with sales, marketing and branding in an international environment, numerous years with both B2B and B2C. Her strength lies within leadership and change management, paired with a strong knowledge of brand strategy and strategic and operational marketing.

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Fredrik Strandberg

Supply Chain Manager


Fredrik is one of the minds behind the digitalization project that Stenströms is going through now. With more than more than 26 years of experience in the textile fashion industry Fredrik knows the business from inside out. 

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Sofia Hjorth

Director Customer Success


After very dynamic years, working for one of the most well known IT-consultants in the end of the IT- bubble era, Sofia discovered that it came natural to her to be a part of the technical development as well as the business & marketing side of things. 
Since then she have had the privilege to work with varied projects and clients as Nikon, Vattenfall, Ikea Home Sweden, HOPE-sthlm, Bik Bok, Bonnier Bokklubbar, Home Shop, Bonnier Tidskrifter (Magazines), Egmont, Stayhard, Sony Mobile, Volvo Cars Cooperation and many more. She has got a good understanding of e-business strategy as well as business and marketing considerations to be made in any e-commerce venture.

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Alexandra Dornérus

Commerce Advisor


Alexandra Dornérus has got experience from positions as marketing- and e-commerce manager in different B2B companies. She works as a business analyst / e-commerce consultant, focusing on work processes, business and efficiency gains. She helps companies to achieve efficiency and set work processes that enable them to reach new levels.

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Margareta Boström

Consumer Behaviour Expert & Business Developer


Margareta Boström - consumer behavior expert and business developer

She monitors, follows and analyzes with passionate interest customer behavior in a world where the conditions change. The basic driving forces remain the same while the way of expression changes. She looks for where this behavior is going and what requirements it will put on companies and brands.

Margareta explores the opportunities and challenges of today's customer journeys and finds the relevance in the relationship between customer and company.

She has a background as a lecturer in marketing on college programs for shop managers, and project managers in IT and print production.

Today, she works as a business developer and is responsible for customer research and insight work in the Jula Group.

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Amer Mohammed

Head of Digital Innovation

Stena Line

Amer works with setting up strategy, measuring efficiency, and fosters the analytical culture at Stena Line. With the digital landscape evolving so quickly, he maps digital capabilities to strategic priorities. Digital won’t get the visibility or support it needs if it’s not helping the company get where it wants to go.

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Marianne Bjarstad

Frame Consulting

With 30 years of experience from Retail, Marianne have gained expertise in all industry areas and processes. For 20 years she has led larger Nordic chains that have been successful in expansion and growth.

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Stefan Konyi

Concept Development Services


Stefan has worked with business development within Facility Management for more than 10 years and now within Ahlsell for 6 years. During the last three years as responsible development services and added value, among those are the loyalty program A.Club. Prior to that he worked as sales manager for energy efficiency concepts at Ahlsell.

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