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    Registration starts

  • 09:30

    Introduktion med Alexander Van Riesen (Moderator)

  • 09:45

    Jens Axelsson, Avensia - Customer experience for genuine loyalty - What can B2B learn from the B2C world?

    Changing a supplier has never been easier than today! Deep, warm and genuine customer relationships are in today's business world no longer a competition issue. It's about pure survival to be relevant in tomorrow's business market. We give you our perspectives, reflections, lessons on the driving forces behind this and what it takes to succeed in becoming a more customer-centric company.
  • 10:20

    Johanna Tömmervik - The future is not a wish list

    At a time when all organizations are undergoing some form of digital transformation, the ether is constantly filled with new concepts such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. How will technology really change the reality that we know it today? With new technology, innovation and new thinking patterns are needed, where we need to find a way to relate to technology development that is not only new, but also benefits people. Johanna Tömmervik is a dedicated and experienced navigator in these areas, but also has many years of practical experience in developing innovative solutions and teams. With her knowledge and curiosity, she inspires organizations to new ways of thinking and meeting the future.
  • 11:00

    Julia Ingelson - EC-GO Candy across channels

    Julia will talk about EC-GO's journey from selling candy online and through a subscription service to individuals, to launching their own brand and starting selling to businesses / retailers. Today EC-GO works with retailers such as ICA, MatHem, Apotea, SAS, Choice Hotels and companies such as H&M, IKEA, Tre (Hi3G) Grant Thornton and Netlight.
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  • 12:30

    Malin Sjöman - From direct sales and physical handshakes to e-commerce and content marketing

    B2B sales are as much about helping customers find solutions to their challenges as they are about inspiring new business opportunities. So what happens when the dialogue becomes increasingly digital and the business moves online? Who is responsible for educating, inspiring and be enthusiastic about the company's customers when the seller is no longer in the picture? For more and more B2B companies, the solution is content marketing.
  • 13:30

    Gustav Stenbeck - The meeting between sustainability and profitable business

    The focus in Gustav's lectures is on why sustainability is so great in today's society and why it will continue to grow, environmental and sustainability issues have a scientific background, but that is far from the whole explanation. He often exemplifies with companies and organizations that successfully use sustainability issues to create more profitable business.
  • 14:00

    Coffee & network

  • 14:45

    Pontus Staunstrup - Three tips for making content better in 2020

    Pontus Staunstrup, well-known content marketing expert, shares three tips on things that large and small B2B companies can do to create better content.
  • 15:15

    Petter Askergren - The artist, the brand and the entrepreneur

    The lecture "The artist, the brand and the entrepreneur" is about Petter's creative entrepreneurship and impressive artist career and invites the audience on an interesting insight into his successful working life. In addition, the lecture stimulates innovation and gives tips on how to keep track of your brand and how sponsorship can be used effectively.
  • 16:15

    Wrap up

This year's speakers

Gather new insights about eCommerce trends, strategies and tactics for manufacturing, distribution and wholesale. Our expert speakers and key-notes aim to enlighten you and fill you with inspiration, exceling your company’s success.

Alexander van Riesen (Moderator)

Senior Commerce Advisor


Alexander van Riesen has been working the last +20 years, since the early days of the commercialization of Internet back in 1995,
successfully helping companies and organizations, from start-ups to multinational enterprises, to understand how their business is being
disrupted by digitalization. And how they can navigate the new landscape and change their businesses to survive. He works in the
intersection of business and digital and has an ability to talk about complex things in an engaging and understanding way for the listener.


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Jens Axelsson

Senior Commerce Advisor


Jens has held senior positions in the retail and travel industry for many years, such as Head of CRM & Ecommerce at KappAhl, Head of Marketing & Omnichannel at MQ and Head of Customer Strategy at Stena Line. Jens has extensive experience in relationship building trade, modernization of customer offerings and organizational change work. Jens currently works at Avensia as Senior Commerce Advisor where he assists various companies in their commercial development work.

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Johanna Tömmervik

Innovation Management, Coworking & Community Managment and Podcast host

If you wonder how all new technology will affect your customer relationships, what the future marketing will look like or how you develop your innovation work, Johanna Tömmervik can provide both new inspiration and concrete examples.

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Julia Ingelson

Founder EC-GO

Julia Ingelson runs the conscious candy company EC-GO. The business idea is to deliver organic and vegan sweets to sweet-toothed Swedes. And there seems to be no shortage of such. The Swede eats the most candy in the world, and candy consumption only continues to increase every year.

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Malin Sjöman

CEO and senior marketing consultant


Malin Sjöman has over 20 years of experience in marketing, product management and business development in business-to-business. She has previously been marketing manager at mobile operator 3 and product manager at Ericsson. Malin is currently a marketing consultant and runs the B2B agency Crescando, which helps B2B companies grow with business marketing. She is also an avid lecturer and esteemed workshop leader.

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Gustav Stenbeck

Entrepreneur and investor, niche on sustainable business

Gustav Stenbeck is the environmental activist who became a venture capitalist. With experience from Greenpeace, multinational companies and from the startup world, he talks about how sustainability is changing the economic landscape at a raging pace and how it affects the way companies do business. Both today, tomorrow and long after.

Gustav has a past as sustainability manager for Petter Stordalen's Nordic Choice Hotels and was named one of Sweden's three best sustainability managers during that time. Today he is an angel investor and business leader and devotes all his time and resources to working where sustainability and business meet. He has hands-on experience of which sustainability initiatives work in both large and small companies and challenges many past truths in the sustainability world.

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Pontus Staunstrup

Content marketing expert

Pontus Staunstrup, well-known content marketing expert, shares three tips on things that large and small B2B companies can do to create better content.

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Petter Askergren

Hip-Hop artist and entrepreneur

Petter is not only one of Sweden's most successful artists, he is also both a writer and a celebrated entrepreneur. In his popular lectures, Petter retrieves stories from his own life to inspire the audience.

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